December 15th – Zoom Music Bingo sponsored by the Elsie Roy PAC

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Music bingo combines music clips and bingo! You will get a bingo card with names of songs on it instead of numbers…hear the song…have it on your card..dab it down!! Make a pattern…call bingo!

The game will be highly interactive as well…featuring scavenger hunts, dance offs, pictionary, parades, and a whole lot more! 90 mins of fun…we put the boom boom into your Zoom Room.

Register for a maximum of 1 card per family member (e.g. add up to 4 cards to your cart for a family of 4 players).

Bingo cards and zoom invites will be emailed to you the night before the event.

Play on Zoom from Home 

December 15th, Wednesday at 6:30pm

The Zoom Room opens at 6:00pm and Music Bingo begins at 6:30pm.

There will be contests for :

– Best ugly holiday sweater

– Best dressed

– Best live decor (i.e. set up your camera in front of your tree and decorations)

– Best zoom window background (i.e. have a background of the North Pole for your zoom window)

And More!

Stay tuned for details…

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